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We provide professional consultancy services in the field of real estate specializing in the following areas:-1. Valuation of Real Estate, Plants & Machinery, Chattels etc.2. Facility Management of Real Estates;3. Real Estate Brokerage;4. Real Estate Development Consultancy.


1. Valuation of Real Estate, Plants & Machinery, Chattels etc.

We value all property types, including office buildings, shopping centers, industrial properties, hotels and motels, residential/apartment buildings, recreational lands, pre-developed lands, agricultural and undeveloped land, specially use properties. Others are vehicles. Office equipment, plant and machinery, agricultural equipment, economic trees, farm crops, fine art, new antique furniture and stock.


2. Facility Management of Real Eastates
Our Services of property and facilities management covers all areas of land administration, comprehensive property Management techniques in the operation of existing facilities/properties and administration of land or land and building. Our mission is to help clients reduce the element of uncertainty land to control the degree of risk inherent in property business and ownership. The services of the department are designed to make life easier and to add value to your property holdings. We are always concerned with the performances of property assets on behalf of owner who are looking for specific investment income or revenue.


3. Real Estate Brokerage;

We believe you can rely on our brokerage services due to our local knowledge, whether you are seeking residential, office, warehouse, manufacturing or retail space agricultural or vacant land, etc. this frees you to pursue your primary responsibilities, as a business man or employer. We represent claimants or owners of land or land and buildings acquired compulsorily by Government, for public purpose, during assessment of Compensation and payments to the owner community or individual.


4. Real Estate Development Consultancy.
Due to our knowledge of the market, we provide the necessary guidance to developers in making briefs to architects, especially as regards density, layout, design and materials, and can obtain planning permission for the scheme. We work closely with developers to arrange finance for a development scheme, including collaborating on a partnership basis with sector or institutions. Our firm can serve as Project Manager or Co-ordinator to lead a term of selected Specialists Consultants (Architect, Quantity, Developers, Letting Agents, etc.) to find, evolve and carry out development schemes for clients.


    June 2024
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